Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Actually in love with this velvet top, and mostly with its color; RED! I can tell you that the fabric was very soft. I got it from Valencia's friend, through pre-order from Bangkok. Then paired it with my mullet a.k.a my black asymmetrical skirt. How does it look?
I've got tired with my ordinary style, maybe I want to try more edgy style, yes more!

The red velvet cake from Starbucks!

PS: I cut my hair shorter than before, and of course with the new bangs! ;p

Red velvet top: PO from Bangkok
Asymmetrical skirt: J.Rep
Bangle/Ring: F21
Heels: Calliope
Last, I leave you with this MV from The Wanted, Glad You Came!

xoxo,  Silver.


  1. love those velvet blouse. :D look nice on you. :D

  2. simple but adorable! :D

  3. Pretty! and u look yummy just like the cake <3

  4. the red top is adorable :)
    following you :)


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