Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Love Bird

This post actually about a 'matchy-matchy' outfit. Start from when I first bought my bird pattern skirt and been a long time hiding on my closet, 'till  finally I decided to wear it since I found this cute bird necklace, lol! Just trying to matched it with the skirt, and isn't it look cute together?no? Let me know your thoughts ;p
Simply pairing the whole 'matchy-matchy" stuffs with orange sheer top and my chunky heels, also with my new square ring from Luvelle.

Skirt: TGIFashion
Necklace: Luvelle
Ring: Luvelle
Heels: New Look

xoxo,  Silver.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Black Mint Black

Throwing back last week, I was going to one of Jakarta Fashion Week 2013 's show, Lee Cooper fashion show at Plaza Senayan. My friend Valencia invited me to join with her at the show and also with Saras too, thanks anyway Cia!! And so, this is what I wore on that day. I was wearing almost all black outfit but my mint pants made it not so. Thoughts?

Mint jeans: New Look
Metal collar blouse: Chocochips
Boots: New Look
Blazer: Excecutive

xoxo,  Silver.

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