Wednesday, May 30, 2012


It was represent my favorite color, the perfect color for me, purple! How I fell in love when I first look this shiny purple skirt with pattern on it, and it was perfect bandage skirt. Thanks to my friends who gave this skirt for me as a bday present ;p
Managed to pair it with the sequin shoulder top, my 'it' sling bag, and last but not least I'm still in love and feel comfort with this wedges. How does it look?

Skirt: Bday gift
Top: J.Rep
Wedges: Charles & Keith
Bracelet: New Look
Bag: Mango
xoxo,  Silver.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


This is a quick post from the event on last Saturday, Guess 30th Sexy years and actually Guess 30th Anniversary that collaboration with many fashion bloggers. I was invited by Cia to accompany her to this event, haha thanks my bestie! But sadly, we were late to attended the event :( So we managed to take a pict on the backdrop and got into the photo booth ! ;p

P.S: We still got the goodie bag! yey for that!! ^^

Collar Ruffles Top: Mom's
Corduroy Dots pants: Chocochips Boutique
Wedges: Charles & Keith
Sling bag: Mango
Stone Bracelet: New Look
Cross ring: Luvelle

Photo Courtesy by Cia
xoxo,  Silver.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Call me Maybe

Some of you might know where I got the title for this post. Yes, the song from Carly Rae Jepsen was one of my current songs on my playlist at least for now.
Well, back on the topic. I was in love with the tulip or this asymmetrical skirt, and that was because of its color, fanta. And for the second time I wore my fave collar lace top. I tried a vintage look in this outfit, how does it look?

Tulip asymmetric skirt: Ladycandy
Collar lace top: Chocochips Boutique
Wedges: Charles & Keith
Cross connecting ring: Luvelle

I leave you with this funny and lovely MV from Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe 

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xoxo,  Silver.

Monday, May 14, 2012

I Love Neon

I guess you know how I love this color, yes from the title, lol! I've been searching this neon thing for a long time and finally got it from Forever 21, though it's just a simply t-shirts. Paired with the whole black look, from outer and skirt. And also the birthday gift from my supermom, the wedges and from my super bf, the bag! 

Neon t-shirt: Forever 21
Bandage skirt: Queenish Closet
Outer: MrsClothes
Wedges: Charles & Keith
Ring&Skull bracelet: Luvelle
Bag: Elle

The video from Gym Class Heroes, Ass Back Home feat. NEON Hitch (related with my title ;p)

xoxo,  Silver.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Actually in love with this velvet top, and mostly with its color; RED! I can tell you that the fabric was very soft. I got it from Valencia's friend, through pre-order from Bangkok. Then paired it with my mullet a.k.a my black asymmetrical skirt. How does it look?
I've got tired with my ordinary style, maybe I want to try more edgy style, yes more!

The red velvet cake from Starbucks!

PS: I cut my hair shorter than before, and of course with the new bangs! ;p

Red velvet top: PO from Bangkok
Asymmetrical skirt: J.Rep
Bangle/Ring: F21
Heels: Calliope
Last, I leave you with this MV from The Wanted, Glad You Came!

xoxo,  Silver.

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