Friday, March 21, 2014



Thanks for accompanied me, Saras!! 

Vina, Elen, Me, Putri, Chris.

Gina, Me, Vina, Putri, Chris. 

with ma cray cray girl, Gina!*lol*

Valerie, Elen, Chris, Vina, Putri & Me.

Lunchy _day 1


Lunch _day2, with Cia, Chris, Astrid, Gina, Val & Cath...

... lunch day2, w/ Lulut, Cath, Val, Gina, Cia, Chris, Astrid & Liz!

with Elen & Phoebe ^^

with Margareth, thanks 4 coming !! :)

Photobomb-ing w/ Ines, Gaby, Val, Gina, Elen, Putri, Chris & Liz!


Infare girls with the man behind @fasyen , Valen.

Posing with these 4 tall girlsss!

Chris, Jeje(thanks 4 coming^^), Elen, Gina, Putri & Me.


w/ babe Gina!

w/ these pretty ladies, Gina, Liz& Chris.

Gina, Me, Bertha, Vina, Chris & Winnie at the last day...

w/ the cutie pie, Gaby's lil sister.

...anddd posing for the last day!!

That's the whole recap from that 4 days of infare. And once again thanks to Cath for the opportunity so I can joined the event again, also many thanks to the other fabulous bloggers for such a great time we've been through during that 4 days and thank you so much for those who came! 
Hope you guys enjoy the photos!
And see you on the next event!! ;)
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xoxo,  Silver.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Black Cat -Infare day 3 outfit

Hello readers, how are you? I'm sorry for the lack of post, since I didn't have time to managed an outfit photo shoot... And finally took some, a week ago at INFARE II(garage market) event *will post about the event soon*
So, on the last Saturday, I got a chance to shoot outfit photos with some of my friends earlier in the afternoon before we're started to selling. Special thanks to Sari a.k.a Chrisnawati Novia who took my pictures.
And here it is what I wore for INFARE day 3. Wearing a simple cropped top with the details of gold cat prints, paired with my unique pattern midi pencil skirt(didn't realize my skirt was rolled up) and finished it with a pair of H&M gradients boots and chain sling bag. Accessorized myself with bracelet set and my new ring from Greedysassy, a cute bulldog ring and it's purple!!
So, how does my look? thoughts?

Photograph by: Chrisnawati Novia

Boots: H&M
Bag: Bershka
MintPink Necklace: The Scent
Triangle Necklace: F21
Bracelet set: New Look
Stone ring: X(S.M.L)
Bulldog ring: GreedySassy

xoxo,  Silver.

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