Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Love Bird

This post actually about a 'matchy-matchy' outfit. Start from when I first bought my bird pattern skirt and been a long time hiding on my closet, 'till  finally I decided to wear it since I found this cute bird necklace, lol! Just trying to matched it with the skirt, and isn't it look cute together?no? Let me know your thoughts ;p
Simply pairing the whole 'matchy-matchy" stuffs with orange sheer top and my chunky heels, also with my new square ring from Luvelle.

Skirt: TGIFashion
Necklace: Luvelle
Ring: Luvelle
Heels: New Look

xoxo,  Silver.


  1. love your necklace , looks pretty :)
    it surely does look good together combined with your bird patterned skirt !

  2. lovely outfit and the necklace is so pretty :)

  3. love your skirt& necklace!


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