Friday, October 4, 2013


Day 1


With the one and only, INFARE's founder, Catherine Soepadhi

Regina and I posed with the purple pink hair girl, Liz! ;p (love her style so much!)

Day 2

 Me, Claudia Phankova, Cathy Sie.

 The super cool girl with red lips, Chisnawati Novia.

The stylish, Lulut M.

With these 3 craziest girls.. Cathy, Regina, Winnie.

Gina, Cathy, Claudia, Amelia, Winnie and myself ;))

And LAST, all the vendors/bloggers at the event.. missed some others here :(

Here's all the recap from INFARE Garage Market that held 21&22 September at FX Mall Sudirman. It was a superrr great event since i've managed to involved to be one of the blogger who has an opportunity to sell my stuffs to raise some money for charity. Met many new awesome friends, that they were such a lovelies, and I didn't expected before that there were a lot of visitors who came to my booth and bought my stuffs! ;p. I can't thank you enough to Catherine who let me to joined this great event. Will be looking forward for the next Infare. I've already missed the moment we (the bloggers/vendors) talk, laugh, gossip, eat and take a lot of picts during those two days ;) LOL
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  1. Look like so much fun! <3

  2. Ough.... I wish I can have garage sale for all my stuff... BUT.... I am happy just donating :)
    Great job dear....

  3. ♥ Nice event :)
    I want to come too but, I live in Bali ..

  4. didnt know you were there! too bad i couldnt attend the second day, great pics! <3

    Letters To Juliet

    1. d we didn't get a chance to take a pic together! :( btw nice to know you, Mith! Hopefully we'll meet up next time!


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